Elon asked it ? We did it.


$PHASE. The first coin ever to have tokenomics based on Moon phases. We burn 10% supply each Full Moon. 🌕🚀


A Community driven and Fun project yes, but we still want to make great things in this market !

Listing Soon

Enter in the rocket 🚀

Let’s go to the moon .. the full one !


June 19, 2021

Pancake Swap listing

July 1st,2021


Listing Soon

Total Token Sale

150M PHASE for Pre-Sale (15% supply).

200M PHASE at Pancake Swap listing (20% supply).

Currencies accepted

The acceptable currencies are on the Binance Smart Chain

Why enter in the rocket ?

How It Works

Find out why you should enter in the rocket and how

The first one

Elon Musk talked on Twitter May 24th, about the idea of a coin based on moon phases. We did it. And we are the first one ever.

As you probably know, there is a huge correlation these last months between Full Moon days and  cryptocurrency market fluctuation.


We don’t claim to create a major innovation, but we have the originality to be the first to make this concept.


We provided a fair smartcontract, responsible and interesting for investors.

Total supply : 1 billion of $PHASE.

Circulating supply after Pancake Swap listing : 500 millions of $PHASE.

30% for the holders, 30% for the burning contract, 5% for the marketing, 35% is burned for ever already.


The originality of our coin is that every Full Moon day we will burn 10% of the total supply. 

We apply 4% fees on each transaction, on it : 2% is distributed to holders, 2% is burned for ever. 

Growing value

Our tokenomics system is based on a burning function, which means we reduce the total supply at each full moon day, so 29 days, to keep the same capitalization, the price has to grow up.


Contract address : 0xffcc25ac326f9fa17c597ef9cd76a888a025be4b  

Be very careful of fake coins, we don’t assume any responsability for this case.

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